Anciet Game Dscovered

Over thirty years ago in 1984, Jerry Campbell showed his business partner, Bruce Baker, a map drawn on zebra skin. The map showed the location of an ancient game. Mr. Campbell and Mr. Baker followed the map to a distant island and unearthed the ancient game. Unfortunately they were unable to bring the ancient game back to the United States.

Shortly thereafter the business partnership collapsed. Mr. Campbell and Mr. Baker parted ways. However, Mr. Baker carried on and by using ingenuity and imagination created The Ancient Game of seraQetra. When Mr. began his journey to create The Ancient Game of seraQetra, tools such as the internet and 3D printing did not exist.

seraQetra's meaning has two parts.

"Sera" is a Spanish word meaning "will be." "Qetra" is a derivative of triquetra used by Christians to represent the Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: three distinct personages of one divine essence.

Therefore, seraQetra means "will be God".

Jeff Provine, leading game expert said concerning The Ancient Game of seraQetra:

"seraQetra from Bruce "Almighty" Baker is a game that feels at once ancient and futuristic. Its sense of classicism comes from its archetypal build as a strategy game played on a geometric board, reminiscent of the likes of Go, shogi, and especially chess. Baker exploits that timeless feel by developing an entire mythos around the game, citing centuries-old traditions about godhood and self-improvement: "As man is, God once was. As God is, man may become." Each named piece is considered philosophically with perspectives of reward and punishment.

"Yet the production quality of the board gives seraQetra another sense of grandeur, worthy of Star Trek's three-dimensional chess. SeraQetra is truly a monumental game, most likely to be one of the largest in anyone's collection. The most eye-catching piece is the 24-inch-by-24-inch transparent board, which comes wired to light up when plugged in. Rather than being something to tuck away on a shelf, it would well suit a serious gamer's home as a centerpiece or wall hanging. If the latter, it will certainly need to be placed in a handy spot to be taken down and played. It's a game readily learned but perhaps never fully grasped in its infinite complexities.

"The gamepieces of painted stone rest in leather carrying cases until taken out to give each player a set of 25: the simple "minion," "spies," "priests," "warriors," "ambassadors," "rulers," and one GOD piece. While other strategy games such as chess and checkers begin with all pieces laid out upon the board, and building games like Go prompt players to add pieces until the board is filled, seraQetra takes a novel direction by allowing players to set up their pieces in any position, even holding some back in reserve to be "gated" onto the board at a later, opportune time. This flexibility of play conjures up a sense of unfolding deployment rarely seen outside of computer strategy games."

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