The Ancient Game of seraQetra

GOD, the Eternal Father: The all Powerful, all Knowing, Omniscient Being of the Universe who cares for all of His children.

RULERS: Anciently RULERS were called Pharaohs, Emperors, Kings and Queens. Today RULERS are called President or Prime Minister. In the business world, RULERS are called President, Chairman or Director. RULERS control wealth and land to maintain power.

AMBASSADORS: AMBASSADORS are the liasons to other nations and to the masses. AMBASSADORS create the laws of the land along with the fines and punishments for disobedience to those laws.

WARRIORS: WARRIORS protect the country from invasion by other nations as well as policing the masses to maintain order.

PRIESTS: PRIESTS, also known as ministers, elders, rabbis, mullahs and monks, bring hope to the masses of a better life after death in Heaven as well as fear of punishment in Hell to those who disobey GOD'S laws.

SPIES: SPIES are masters of intelligence. SPIES gather information on other countries to protect the nation's assets and to avoid war. SPIES gather information on the masses to find criminals. In the business world, SPIES gather information to know how to better sell products and services to the masses.

MINIONS: Anciently MINIONS were also known as peasants, plebeians, commoners or the masses. MINIONS are people just trying to live their lives in peace.

GOD: The Infinite Commander of the Universe
RULERS: Do this and you will get money or land
AMBASSADORS: Do this or you will pay a fine or go to prison
WARRIORS: Do this or you will die
PRIESTS: Do this or you will go to Hell
SPIES: Do this or your secrets will be revealed
MINIONS: Do this to survive

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